G is for Grandparents


The munchkins have some really amazing grandparents. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe how awesome they really are. I love them to pieces. My mother in law reminds me of the best parts of my mother, and the best parts of my step mom, combined into one person. Our relationship just comes naturally to both of us. I feel like I could talk to her about ANYTHING and she would give me her honest opinion and support. She doesn’t judge me, she doesn’t look down at me, she doesn’t make me feel unwelcome. I could go on and on about her, but I’ll save that for another day.

My husband’s parents live pretty far away from us. We get to see each other about 3 different times a year. They aren’t short visits, so we do get to spend a good quality of time with them. I wish we lived closer. Trust me when I say everyone has to drag me back home every time we visit.

When we all get together, my in laws are always constantly engaged and entertaining the kids. They always have an awesome agenda filled with fun things to do that all of us can enjoy as a family. The munchkins love their grandma and grandpa. They mean the world to them. They love the fun they have when they are with them.

Whenever we are visiting with them, we never turn on electronics. Not because that is a rule, but because we are enjoying each others company and electronics are the least of our worries. I feel they are what brings peace to our household when they visit, they bring us back together from this crazy thing we call life, and remind us to slow down. They are loving, kind, and accepting.

Accepting. That word stuck with me when I typed it. My husbands family has accepted me not just into their lives, but into their family. No hesitation. No manipulation. No hatred. They accepted me with open arms and I have NEVER felt like an outsider with them. I know if I ever needed them, they would be there for me, just like they would their sons. I am eternally grateful to have them in my life.

I didn’t have that kind of relationship with either one of my sets of grandparents growing up. My grandparents didn’t play with us. They weren’t silly with us, and they weren’t very affectionate at all. I don’t remember one warm embrace from any of my grandparents growing up. That doesn’t mean they didn’t hug me every once and awhile, but it obviously isn’t something I remember happening. This was all I ever knew growing up. I thought those loving grandparents were something you saw in the movies, but I am actually now seeing them in real life.

Our munchkins are so lucky to have them. WE are so lucky to have them.


5 thoughts on “G is for Grandparents

  1. I enjoyed reading this 🙂 Your in laws sound wonderful as in laws and grandparents 🙂 Too bad you guys don’t live closer (but you never know, right?) I didn’t have a good relationship (a lot my fault) with my mother in law so I vowed if I ever got to be one myself I would do better with the relationship, Son recently got married in October but before they were engaged and just dating, my daughter in law started calling me mom and my husband dad, didn’t even ask or anything, which was okay with me. I commented about it one time, said I liked that she did that. She just said she felt so comfortable around us. I too think acceptance played a key part because I vowed to accept and not to stick my head into things (too much 🙂


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  2. You are the third blogger in a row who chose Grandparents for G… was that planned? 😉 (I don’t think it was, I just think it’s funny so many are honoring grandparents today, and what did I choose? Googol, lol.)

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