C is for Celebrate



In our family we celebrate. We celebrate our successes, first day of school, professional accomplishments, good grades, birthdays, holidays, goals achieved, you name it, we will celebrate it.

One of my favorite celebrations we have had together is the day hubby and I got married. Little Man and Little Miss were so excited to be apart of the big day. It wasn’t just about hubby and I, it was about all of us. When we said our vows, the kids were right there with us. I wasn’t just making promises to my husband, but to his kids. I promised to love them, care for them, and be there whenever they needed me. No matter what, I will be there. I will be another rock in their lives that they can lean and depend on.

We partied, danced, and laughed until we cried. It was a small wedding of 70, but it was 70 people who have supported us through it all.

Not only do the munchkins have biological parents and grandparents, but they have my entire family too. They have my dad, step mom, mom, step dad, brothers, aunts, uncles, and so on. They are known to say that they are so lucky to have so many people who love and care about them. I couldn’t agree more.


7 thoughts on “C is for Celebrate

  1. Hi there,
    I noticed you are starting to follow my blog and I wanted to thank you for this. I hope you’ll find it interesting 🙂
    I’ve read your post and I like the way you see life. I’m definitely going to follow you too.
    It’s so important to have a caring family even for your own mental health. Your kids will grow up being happy adults because of this 🙂

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