Tanning Beds


When I was 16 I use to go to the tanning salon every other day after school and before my soccer games. I have no idea why I would do it, but I did. Most likely it was because the other soccer girls were going too. Skip 12 years later and I can tell you that you won’t catch me at a tanning salon, like ever…or so I thought.

Since we are going on vacation next week, I was talking with some of my girlfriends about how I wish I didn’t have to work on a base tan for 5 days before I get color on vacation. Both C and L looked at me like I was crazy and said “Go to the tanning salon before you go, get a base tan there and you won’t have to worry about burning when you’re gone.” Easy fix in their eyes. I told them my worries and how I didn’t want to burn, and how I burn easily. “Just go for a few minutes” they said. So off to the tanning salon I went.

I walked in, told the very bronze skinned lady I was new, I was headed somewhere hot next week and wanted a base tan. I made it VERY clear that I burn easily. I think I mentioned that at LEAST five times. She told me she had the perfect bed for me. I bought some sample lotion and headed to the room.

I was in the tanning bed for a total of 5 minutes. It is a 15 minute max bed. “5 minutes shouldn’t be bad at all.” the bronze skinned lady said. “You won’t burn at all.” she said. “These beds are great for fair skin people.” she said.

Well, she lied.

My whole back is fried. Burnt. Red. On fire.

So now I sit here, in my winter clothes because it’s still cold where I live….BURNT. The munchkins just don’t understand HOW I got burnt, or why I would do that to myself. I guess I’m wondering the same thing.

Looks like I learned my lesson, and I will leave the tanning beds to C and L. Hopefully this burn will turn into a tan LOL but I think that’s some extreme wishful thinking. Damn you tanning bed, damn you.


17 thoughts on “Tanning Beds

  1. I’m sorry to hear that! I’ve never tried a tanning bed and there’s no chance given that they are banned where I live. Spray tan might be better in future and healthier for your skin … Last thing you want is to be diagnosed with melanoma 😯
    Hope you have an awesome holiday. Nothing like a vacation to make everything better!

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  2. Loooooooool. I’m not laughing at you btw. But it reminded me of a similar experience I had when I used to live in London. But the problem was, it wasn’t my back that ended burnt, it was my Face! in the middle of gloomy London winter. That was the last time I ever went into one of those! Hope your back heals fast. Try putting aloe Vera, it helps

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    • Oh it is funny though! I laughed writing this, you have to find the humor in situations sometimes. Being burnt when it’s chilly and gloomy is the worst. Thanks for the aloe Vera idea, I grabbed a bottle this morning!
      You’ve been on my mind the past few days, hope all is well with you 🙂

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  3. Awe, 😕 I hope the burn heals quickly! I’ve never gone to a tanning bed myself because I have a fear of becoming trapped inside the darned machine 😕 I watch too many scary movies lol 😄


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