Look What I Stumbled Across…

I was going through the computer to find some pictures to add to posts later this week, and I came across some of my wedding photos! I sat here for a good hour going through all 700 of them! It feels like yesterday we got married, but it was almost 3 years ago!

GeorgeStreetWedding 001GeorgeStreetWedding 003GeorgeStreetWedding 004

This wood came from my family farm, from the house my grandmother grew up in. My dad brought the wood to their new home and built a little shed out of it.


GeorgeStreetWedding 011GeorgeStreetWedding 030GeorgeStreetWedding 070GeorgeStreetWedding 071GeorgeStreetWedding 153

GeorgeStreetWedding 002GeorgeStreetWedding 005


25 thoughts on “Look What I Stumbled Across…

  1. One of my favorite shots was your flower girl dress with your wedding dress. Was your flower girl one of your new kids? We’re waiting to get married until Moo completely understands what’s going on … she’s going to be the best flower girl I could ask for!

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