7 Photos in 7 Days Challenge

Thanks for the nomination you’re not alone in this world! I’m an anonymous blog, but I figured I have enough pictures to share that aren’t TOO personal. Maybe by day 7 I will change my mind, who knows! I guess we will see!

Rules: post 7 pictures for 7 days, nominate a new person each day


One of my friends owns her own screen printing business, and this is one of her shirts 🙂


My family owns 300 acres of land in Kentucky. Every time I go visit my grandmother or brother we always take a walk around “the farm”. That is my youngest brother.


This is another view from my families farm in the pasture.


Here is the infamous dam by the farm as well. It’s absolutley breath taking. The sound of the water rushing through the rocks is beyond tranquil.


Here is my happy place by the beach. I could just live here 24/7 if it were an option.


This is a picture I took when I was on a ferry in a car in the middle of the south. Super random ferry, but very cool experience.


Here is a picture from a spontaneous stop in the Cumberland Gap. Gorgeous view and amazing hiking trails!

Well I hope you all enjoyed my pictures for today! Happy Wednesday!

My nomination for today is:

Michelle from Fabulous Fit Mamas


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