Bi-monthly Meet & Greet!

Come check out Niki’s Meet and Greet this weekend! While you’re at it read this lovely ladies blog! How awesome is she?!

The Richness of a Simple Life

I can hardly believe this weekend is already time for another meet and greet! This will be the third meet and greet I’ve hosted since reaching 100 followers about 4 weeks ago. You wouldn’t believe how rewarding hosting a meet and greet is. I get to meet new bloggers, I get exposure to bloggers that follow my fellow blog friends, I get to interact, my blog gets exposure, blog participants get exposure and as a reader you get twice as many blog suggestions!

I’m going to have yet a new theme for this weekend’s meet and greet. I have a lot of fun and I don’t want them to get boring and redundant just yet. My goal is for everyone to interact, check out blogs, suggest a blog in addition to your own. So far I must say the previous two have been very successful. Everyone has participated, interacted, and…

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