Car Ride Conversations


I’m not sure how the topic of heaven came up in conversation today, but it did on the way home from school. This is how it went:

Little Miss: I wish I could meet Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr and tell them thank you for helping change the bad laws.

Little Man: You still can. They are just in heaven.

Me: He’s right, just send a little prayer up.

Little Man: I mean, I think they are in heaven, but I don’t know, I’ve never been there.

Me: Well you were there before you were born, you just don’t remember it.

Little Miss: Yeah, that’s where all babies come from, from heaven.

Little Man: I have a question though. How do you know we aren’t in heaven right now?

Me: That’s a really deep statement bud. Do you feel like you are in heaven?

Little Man: Yeah, right now, I’m really happy, so yeah, I feel like I’m in heaven.

They truly say things that put a smile on my face all the time, but also take my breath away by how compassionate they are. Moments like these are what make being a step mom worth it.


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