Picture Memories

I was looking at pictures of the munchkins when they were younger the other day and it blows my mind how much they have grown! It’s funny how pictures can really trigger your memory, down to the details some times. They were so tiny! Full of innocence and love. Chasing each other around the house until they both collapsed in laughter.

I remember when little man was about 4, he would get SO upset his little sister wouldn’t want to play with him. She was usually inside (yes, literally inside) her dress up box putting on whatever Disney princess gown she deem fit for that day. She wanted nothing to do with her brother when it was time for tea with her BFF’s Mr. Teddy Bear and Barbie.

I reminded little man, one day him and his sister will be really close and they will have this special bond together that only brothers and sisters understand. I try to remind them of the good things to come from a positive relationship with each other. Being a child of divorced parents, you sometimes need someone on your team who understands what your going through. My brothers are part of my team. They are my #1 fans. We turned to each other when we needed support, and we were each other’s constants. Our parents might be getting divorced, but they will always be my brothers and we will always be together. They were my safety net.

So knowing all of this, I try to guide the kids in the direction of forgiveness and love. Family comes first. Family will always be there. Family is important.

The years have passed and after going through tons of silly pictures, I’m reminded of how thankful I am for my step kids. They are growing into such intelligent, loving, witty, little people.



3 thoughts on “Picture Memories

  1. This hits me straight to my heart! I am a baby sister to a brother 8 years older than me. Being little, following behind him and him really wanting nothing to do with me hurt my little soul. Now that we are grown and have children of our own, he’s one of my very best friends! I think I’ll go call him. Thank you.

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  2. My brothers live in Bahrain and Western Australia respectively and I rarely see them but I know when I have problems the first people who will line up and help are the two of them. The same goes for my daughters. People often ask, because four girls is quite a particular thing if they get on well and I have the same answer now as when they were little ‘no – they argue and fight ALL the time but pity the fool who messes with any of them because he or she will have the combined wrath of all of them to deal with’ 🙂

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