From the Mouths of Babes

Bath/Shower time is one of my favorite times with little miss. I know some mom’s must think I’m crazy, but we’ve never had to argue with either one of the munchkins to shower, plus you get a little one on one time. Every time she gets in she will start singing a bit, but then she starts with her 1,000 questions.

LM: “What do you love about me?”

Me: “I love how you make me laugh and smile every day.”

LM: “Wanna know what I love about you? I love that you take care of me, and you will always love me, no matter what, even if I’m sassy and even if I some times lie, which I don’t lie anymore, well not in a long long time, right?”

Me: “Right, and of course I will always love you, always and forever.”

LM: “I love you in a different way then I love some people….”

Me: “And how is that?”

LM: “…I just…. love you more and I can’t help it!…”

I must admit, I am truly spoiled with love from both of them, and hearing her word it that way, melts my heart. She is such a lover and she always has been. How amazing is it to see a 6 year old realize what real love feels like and be able to express that to the ones she loves?!

What moments have you had that melt your heart? 



4 thoughts on “From the Mouths of Babes

  1. Little Miss sounds precious! One of the things I love most about children is their ability to give love unconditionally. One of the cutest and funniest moments that I can remember was 2 years ago and son #2 asked “are we a broken family?”. Seemed like such an odd thing to ask. “Kids at school that have divorced families said I have a broken family too. If I like being here with you it must mean broken is a good thing then”. They also light the candles after they clean the house to surprise me when I come home from work too lol the moments that make being a stepmom feel awesome 🙂

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