A Stepmom in the Toddler Years


The pitter-patter of little feet running through the house, the morning cuddles and cartoons, the little faces with baby teeth, and being able to watch a little person’s personality develop. Those are some of the things I miss from the toddler years. As much as I want those years back, sometimes I’m grateful they are over. Those were the years of learning, not just on their part but mine too.

Every day they would go down for their naps and I would start my research. “How to handle step daughter’s random tantrums?” “What to do with step kids picky eating?” “How to not step on bio mom’s toes, but also have a voice in this co parenting life?” I can tell you that nothing gave you input on what a STEP parent would do, but what a parent would do. I had no idea how to handle these little people and I needed a crash course ASAP. Hubby was always right by my side, there if I needed him. He taught the kids I was someone they should respect and listen to, just like they should with their mom and step dad. I am thankful for that, I feel that truly helped in the munchkins upbringing.

As a step mom you have to get to a point and realize that there are times when the bio parents don’t even know what to do, and not having the answer right away is okay. We are all learning how to raise these kids, no one is better then the other, no one has all the answers. So, we have to work together. Why? Because we all love the munchkins. We want what is best for THEM, and sometimes that means putting your pride to the side.

You probably won’t feel recognized at times, you’re going to feel left out, and sometimes you might miss out on things. That’s the brutal truth, but know that when those little people tell you how much they love you….it truly makes up for all of it.


3 thoughts on “A Stepmom in the Toddler Years

  1. you are so lucky to see them grow from such an early age! I wish I could’ve been there earlier in their life but it wasn’t meant to be… every time I hear a story or see a picture I get happy because I get to understand them more and learn about them, but it makes me sad that I missed on it and sometimes it hurts to not be as important to them as they are to me… enjoy the stages! the fact that they were so young when you came into their lives will be golden when they hit adolescence! you are doing an amazing job!


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