Unfortunately, I’m all to familiar with funerals. Growing up I lost a good amount of friends and family to drowning accidents, lots of car accidents, and terminal illnesses. The term “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” has been proven true, time and time again. As horrible as it is, dealing with death from a young age has really made me a stronger woman.

Yesterday, my hubby lost someone who was very close to him, he had known this lady and her husband for 10 years and now he stood in front of this amazing woman’s casket and had to say good bye. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen hubby cry, and yesterday was one of them.

The husband walked over to us, gave us a hug and we began talking about all the GOOD memories we shared with his lovely wife. I asked him how long they were married for and he said “44 and a half years, but together for 48 years. We started dating June 21st, I picked her up at 12:30 and we went to the zoo.” 

He remembered every detail of their first date, he told us their story with tears glistening in his eyes and a smile on his face. He then began to tell us the story of how he bought two very expensive plots in a mausoleum over by their house. There was a huge brass angel hanging in front of it along with a bench that he said he will be spending probably too much time sitting at. In the summer the wind blows through the building and in the winter it was heated. “My son asked me why I bought the two most expensive plots in the place?! And I told him his mother deserved the best, she loved to feel the breeze in her face in the summer months along with the warm feeling of a winter fire. I don’t care about price, she was an amazing woman and this is the last thing I will ever get to buy her.”

By now I have tears streaming down my face. That is real love people. He has been in love with her since day one. 

I’m so thankful for my family and for my amazing hubby. Times like these will put everything back in perspective; the sick kids, post op hubby, hectic work schedule. I am thankful my family has their good health. I am thankful I get to experience this life with them. So hold your loved ones close and let them know you love them. You can never tell anyone “I love you” too much.



4 thoughts on “Funerals

    • When our munchkins were really little they would say “I love you” SO much. Like maybe 10 times in 20 minutes. Hubby would start to get irritated of the repetitiveness and I remember telling him “ALWAYS say I love you back, even when it seems annoying, even if they had just said it, always tell them you love them.” and to this day we will always say it back, because it never hurts to say it, and the older they get they will probably start saying it less. So soak it all up now while you can 😊

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      • Say hallelujah to that parenting. That children grow up knowing what it is to love and be loved and in no doubt that they are is the single most important gift parents can give them. And saying the words out loud is never ever wasted breath. I have only one regret with my father (stiff upper lip old school English gentleman) … that I only plucked up the courage to tell him I loved him when I sat with him just after he had died. The doctor visited soon afterwards and said he was smiling. I hope that was because he finally heard me.

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      • I hope the courage of saying it gave you some peace in knowing you let him know. I’d like to believe our parents, in their hearts would know we love them, even if we didn’t say it enough or at all but inside they can feel it.

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