6 days…

   In 6 days my life is going to change.

When hubby and his ex wife had their second child, he went and had a vasectomy.

I never wanted kids growing up. Hell, I never wanted to get MARRIED. I just figured, it’s not for everyone. I’m totally okay with not getting big, changing diapers or never sleeping again…. And then walks in my future husband and all that I felt and said for 15+ years went out the window.

He made me want to be a better person. I wanted to build a life with this man and his two children. I couldn’t believe I wanted all of these things now.

As time went on we talked about adding on to our family of four. The ironic thing in all of this is my mother is a microbiologist and specializes in IVF. The tools, if we needed them, are right at our finger tips. But I didn’t want to go through the IVF first, I wanted to give it an all natural try first.

I wanted to have a chance. Just like any other couple out there. I wanted a chance to get pregnant. I know it’s not for certain, but I wanted a fighting chance and in 6 days WE are going to get that chance. Hubby is going in for a reversal and within the next year there is a chance we might be having a baby. And I can’t wait to get big and round and watch this miracle grow inside me. Bring on this new year!



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